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Secret Pressure Point Knockout Location ANYONE Can Master!

Russell StutelyFew people believe me when I tell them you can literally knock a grown man out simply by even lightly hitting any number of “secret” spots on the human body.

In fact, there’s a massive debate all over the internet (usually by those of limited or no experience) about whether pressure point knockouts really work.

Or, unfortunately, they’ve been reading too many “ninja death touch” articles or maybe they’ve even had bad experience with an instructor who doesn’t know how to make them work!

Fortunately, I’ve proven they work and the methods I’ll show you have been rigorously “field-tested” by many of my instructors, Police Defensive Tactics Instructors, Police Officers, Security Officers, and doormen etc all over the world.

Let me share one of these “secret knockout points” now…

Secret Pressure Point That Will
Knock Someone Out With One Punch!

Pressure Point Self Defense TechniqueIn traditional Chinese medicine, this spot is called Gall Bladder 20 (or GB20).

Basically it is midway between the bottom of the ear and the spine. The white dot in the image shows the exact pressure point location.

It is also bi-lateral, meaning that it is on BOTH sides of the head

For those of you looking for a more scientific GPS…

On the posterior aspect of the neck, below the occipital bone in the depression between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and trapezius muscle – in the depression within the hairline behind the temporal region.


Here’s How To Strike This Pressure Point
To Knock Someone Out With One Punch:

It’s not hard actually.  You see, you don’t need to know any kung fu mystical strikes.

But what you should know is that the pressure point knockout centers I show you respond differently to different levels of force.

In fact, people are amazed when I demonstrate how to knock someone out with what seems like just a light tap.

You see, when you strike these pressure points, it instantly frees the energy channels and quickens the connecting vessels.

  • Hit it lightly…and you’re likely to get a knockout.
  • Hit it hard…and you could potentially cause INSTANT DEATH!

Yes, these “secret targets” are that serious!

When striking (light or hard depending upon the severity of the attack you’re defending against), remember that each and every point is DEEP inside and NOT on the surface.

Therefore, you must focus your mind to strike BEYOND the surface point to get penetration to the pressure point you’re targeting.


If you’d like to know more of these secret knockout points on the body and how to use them to survive a violent attack, you’ll find them at my website at www.SecretPressurePointKnockouts.com

6 Responses to “Secret Pressure Point Knockout Location ANYONE Can Master!”

  1. Avatar of don nicholson

    How do you strike the secret target? With a single or double finger, knuckle or some other way?

  2. I’m not sure if I can find it I found one neer that one I heald it down for a while and all that happend was I felt a lot of pain

  3. A light blow with the palm of your hand using the part of your hand at the wrist for maximum effect

  4. can you post a demonstration video for us to show us how to do it step by step?

  5. Hey, how about hitting it with a hammerfist??


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